Rwanda’s Tourism Revenue Sharing Scheme

Rwanda’s strategy is pro-conservation and pro-people and the tourism revenue sharing scheme ensures communities living around the country’s national parks receive 10% of all tourism revenue. This approach protects our natural heritage and provides world-class experiences while ensuring that all Rwandans benefit.

Since 2005, the Rwanda Development Board and local government have worked with communities living adjacent to the national parks to development 698 community projects, including building schools, clinics, family houses and water systems and supporting the improvement of agricultural production.

From tourism revenues received in 2019, the Rwanda Development Board invested Rwf 1.4 billion, up from Rwf 741 million in 2018. Since 2005, RDB has disbursed Rwf 5.34 billion to the communities living around Volcanoes, Akagera and Nyungwe national parks.

Investment Profile

Nyungwe Watershed Protection and Provision

The Nyungwe Watershed Protection and Provision project was funded through Rwanda’s tourism revenue sharing scheme and is located in Gisakura, Bushekeri Sector, Nyamasheke District.


The project was completed in June 2020 and serves 812 households, a hotel and a guest house through a 20 cubic metre tank and four taps. The project will also protect 400 hectares of watershed through tree planting, ditches and terraces to reduce erosion.


The project was implemented by Nyamasheke District in collaboration with CARITAS, Cyangugu Diocese at a cost of Rwf 62.5 million (approx. USD 65,500).