ICT infrastructure


Rwanda has the ambition to become a regional hub for top-tier capacity building in ICT, and to accelerate this, the Government has invested in developing ICT infrastructure to enable service delivery.

Rwanda’s ICT competitive advantage

  • 4500Km+ of Fibre-optic broadband cabling has been laid throughout the country connecting all 30 districts and with nine regional links to neighboring countries;
  • 10 Gbps of broadband capacity
  • 6% of population Connected the 4GLTE network
  • Increased mobile penetration to 76.2%, with over 8.5 million subscribers.
  • 1% of internet penetration across the country.
There are opportunities to establish more data centers and business continuity centers

Investment Opportunities in the ICT sector

  • Infrastructure management services
  • Software development
  • Cloud computing
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Mobile applications
  • E-government
  • ICT education and training
  • ICT business financing
  • Application development & integration
  • IT consulting
  • Software R&D


Special incentive packages provided to ICT firms, including:

  • VAT exemption from IT equipment: Visit the link below to see the exempted items: https://www.rra.gov.rw/fileadmin/user_upload/liste_of_ict_equipment_exempted_from vat.pdf
  • Corporate income tax rate of (15%): A corporate income tax rate of (15%) shall be accorded to a registered investor in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Sector with an investment involving one of the following activities: Services, manufacturing or assembly. This incentive excludes ICT retail and wholesale trade as well as ICT repair industries and telecommunications.
  • Corporate income tax holiday of up to seven (7) years: A registered investor, investing an equivalent of at least fifty million United States Dollars and contributing at least (30%) of this investment in the form of equity in the ICT sector with a venture involving manufacturing, assembly, and service. This incentive excludes communication, ICT retail, and wholesale trade as well as ICT repair companies or enterprises and telecommunications.
  • Immigration incentives; 1° A registered investor and his/her dependents shall be issued with a residence permit in accordance with relevant laws.

2° A registered investor who invests an equivalent of at least two hundred fifty-thousand United States Dollars (USD 250,000) may recruit three (3), foreign employees, without necessarily demonstrating that their skills are lacking or insufficient on the labor market in Rwanda.