Rwanda has an array of incentives for investors ready to invest in the country


  • Rwanda’s financial sector has made great strides towards becoming modern. The sector is stable, well capitalized, profitable and liquid. The sector consistss of a wide and growing array of institutions, Banksm microfinance institutions, savings and credit cooperatives (SACCOs), insurance companies, and pension funds and is becoming increasingly diversified.
  • In terms of assets, the banking sector continues to dominate the financial system with 66.9% followed by the pension, insurance and microfinance with 17.1%, 9.7%, and 6.3 respectively.
  • Rwanda’s priorities is to increase long-term savings, increasing credit to the private sector to 30% of GDP by 2017. This will be achieved by enhancing savings mobilization, especially long-term savings and mobilization long-term capital for investment.
  • The government has started to issue regularly bonds to deepen the capital market and lengthen the yield curve, with the longest maturity today being ten years.
Increased credit in the agriculture sector
Agricultural Financing:
  • Increased credit in the agriculture sector is key to ensuring the development of the sector in Rwanda.
  • several innovations/products (weather-based crop insurance, warehouse receipt schemes, etc.) can be introduced to improve value chains within the agriculture sector.
SME Financing :
  • Existing small and Medium Enterprises rep- resent a large source of jobs in Rwanda. If the business environment for these firms can be improved, they can become more profitable, increase in size, and enter the formal sector
  • Therefore attracting financial institutions ex- perienced in SME financing, enhancing private equity and venture capital funds and establishment of a Rwanda Fund of Funds will help to increase access to finance for this category of enterprises.
International Bank REPO Offices
  • Commercial banks are still the most importantprovider of financing in Rwanda. However, their investments tend to be constrained by the ma- turity of their liabilities, which consist mainly of local short-term deposits.
  • The presence of international Global banks will help to introduce a variety of products designed to finance big project born by both government and private sector such infrastructure financing, Transaction Advisory services for privatization of government projects, Trade Finance, Cash Trade, and Pension Fund Management
Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Financing and supply options for affordable housing through investing in the real invest- ment trust by buying shares and the funds raised will be used to construct houses for low and middle market segments.