Protecting the Natural Habitat of the Mountain Gorillas

Rwanda is embarking on an ambitious project to expand Volcanoes National Park and ensure a bright future for the mountain gorillas that call it home.

This once in a generation initiative will expand the park by approximately 23%, increasing its size by 37.4 square kilometres (3,740 hectares).

The expansion of Volcanoes National Park will improve the lives of the communities living around the park and make visiting the gorillas an even more life-changing experience.

Park Expansion in Numbers

Area of Expansion
37.4 square kilometres
Employment Opportunities
17,000+ Rwandans
Park Size
23% increase
New Buffer Zone
6,620 hectares
Total Investment
$300 million
Community Development
3,400 families settled in green villages
Infrastructure & Livelihoods
$70 million to be invested
Human-Wildlife Conflict
80% reduction

Protecting Gorillas

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park, where the gorillas live, is a fragile ecosystem and currently relatively small at just 160 square kilometres. That is why Rwanda is expanding the park by almost a quarter of its current size.


A larger park will improve the mountain gorilla habitat and support a 15-20% increase in the population size and a 50% reduction in infant gorilla mortality.

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