Thank you for choosing to visit Rwanda. To ensure your health and the well-being of those around you while you are in the country, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with new procedures in place detailed in this Arriving Passenger Information Note.

We hope the frequently asked questions below will assist you to plan your visit.


What should I do prior to departure to Rwanda?

Passengers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the new procedures detailed in this Arriving Passenger Information Note from the Rwanda Biomedical Centre. Additional detailed new procedures have also been established by the Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority.

We encourage visitors to especially note the guidelines for mask-wearing, physical distancing, hand sanitising, negative COVID-19 test result, e-payment, and the requirement to use only authorised transportation from the airport to the designated hotel.

Passengers are also required to complete a Public Health Passenger Locator Form before arriving in Rwanda here: www.rbc.gov.rw/travel/

Are visitors coming to Rwanda required to have a COVID-19 test? If yes, how long prior to arrival?

All travellers arriving in Rwanda must have a negative COVID-19 certificate. The only accepted test is a SARS-CoV 2 Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) performed within 72 hours of departure (meaning travellers must be tested and get results within 3 days of their first flight). Other tests, such as Rapid Diagnostics Test (RDTs), are not accepted. COVID-19 Test is not mandatory for accompanied children under 5 years.

Do I need to take a second test on arrival in Rwanda, how much does it cost and how long will I wait for the results?

Yes, all travelers (visitors and returning residents) arriving or transiting for less than 24 hours through Rwanda will be screened upon entry and take a second RT-PCR test on arrival. Sample collection will be conducted at the airport upon arrival and waiting for the results will be at designated transit hotels. (see list here).

The test costs USD 50 plus a USD 10 medical service fee . Payment methods are detailed here.

All travelers transiting/connecting who are not leaving the airport and those who will leave the airport to go to the designated transit hotels for less than 12 hours will be screened upon entry and are not required to take a second test. This is not applicable for transiting travelers by land borders. In that case, travelers will be required to take an RT-PCR test and wait for the results at the designated hotels before proceeding.

Which COVID-19 test is required by health authorities in Rwanda?

The COVID-19 test required to visit Rwanda is known as a Real Time-Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) COVID-19 test.

How will I reach my designated hotel?

On arrival in Rwanda, visitors will be taken to their pre-booked designated hotel by authorised transport. For those who have booked a tour package, the tour operator will be in charge of their transportation. All other visitors will either be transported by their designated hotel or can use authorised taxis.

Can I book a hotel of my choice for the 24-hour waiting time?

Visitors to Rwanda are welcome to book into one of the 24 designated hotels listed below as they wait for their COVID-19 test results. The hotel rate is on a full board basis, excluding alcohol. Any additional orders will be paid for by the guest.

Hotel Star RatingLocation Room Rate (per person)Telephone & email
Kigali Marriott Hotel5KiyovuUSD 200+250725880724 Zaitun.asiimwe@marriott.com
Retreat Hotel4KiyovuUSD 200+250 782 000 001


Radisson Blu Hotel5KimihururaUSD 170+250 252 252 252 / +250724000028 reservations.kigali@radissonblu.com Nice.uwase@radissonblu.com
Kigali Serena Hotel5KiyovuUSD 150+250788200422 reservations.kigali@serenahotels.com
Hotel Des Milles Collines4KiyovuUSD 150+250788303324                                                      info@millecollines.rw claire.kangwage@millecollines.rw
Grand Legacy Hotel4RemeraUSD 140+250788303483

resevation@grandlegacy.rw marketing@grandlegacy.rw

Gorillas Golf Hotel4NyarutaramaUSD 140+250788174000 /+25088200500 reservation@gorillashotels.com
Lemigo Hotel4KimihururaUSD 140+250738785048 reservation@lemigohotel.com
Park Inn by Radisson4KiyovuUSD 120+250788330045 cosma.gahitira@parkinn.com
Ubumwe Grande Hotel4KiyovuUSD 100+250788863995 reservations@ubumwegrandehotel.com
Heaven Boutique Hotel3KiyovuUSD 100+ 250787785595 boutiquehotel@heavenrwanda.com
Karisimbi Hotel2KiyovuUSD 90+250784649686                                                    info@hotelkarisimbi.com reservations@hotelkarisimbi.com
Hotel Villa Portofino3NyarutaramaUSD 70+250788971444 reservations@hotelvillaportofinokigali.com
Dove Hotel3GisoziUSD 70+250788771562


The Nest Kigali2KimihururaUSD 65+250784131375


Quiet Haven Hotel3NyarutaramaUSD 60+250786689763


Great Seasons Hotel3GacuriroUSD 60+250783814000 / +250788230397 info@greatseasonshotel.rw sales@greatseasonshotel.rw
Sainte Famille Hotel3KiyovuUSD 60+250784180076 / +250781205332 saintefamillehotels@gmail.com
The Mirror Hotel3RemeraUSD 50+250783705716


Beausejour Hotel3RemeraUSD 50+250788388885


Greenwich Hotel2RemeraUSD 40+250788313091


Kigali View Hotel2NyamiramboUSD 40+250788923698


Beausejour Guest House1RemeraUSD 35+250788388885


Holly Guest Inn1Kicukiro SonatubesUSD 30+250788647871 / +250786008049 booking@hollyguestinn.com
What should I expect at the designated hotel?

Upon arrival at the designated hotel, guests will wait for their test results which will be sent directly to the guest by SMS or email by the Rwanda Biomedical Centre. If the test result is negative, the guest will be invited to checkout.

What are the medical contacts in Rwanda for COVID-19 related issues?

For COVID-19 related health issues, please contact the Rwanda Biomedical Centre via the toll-free number 114 or the Medical Team on duty 24/7 at the Kigali International Airport on +250 781 415 724.

In case of any medical, logistical or administrative issue at the designated hotel, kindly reach out contact the site manager at the hotel. Each hotel has a designated site manager.

If I tested negative for COVID-19 on arrival in Rwanda and will spend less than 72 hours in the country, do I need to take another test to depart from Rwanda?

For those spending less than 72 hours in Rwanda, one will not be required to take another test to depart from Rwanda.

I have a long itinerary that will involve visiting three national parks and other places. Some visits to the parks will fall days after I received my test results. Will I have to test again before visiting a national park?

All international tourists visiting national parks are required to schedule their visit within 72 hours of receiving a negative test result. The only accepted test for tourists visiting Volcanoes, Nyungwe and Gishwati-Mukura National Parks is the SARS-CoV 2 Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR). A negative Rapid Antigen test (RDT) will be accepted for Akagera National Park. If your visit/s falls more than 72 hours after the initial test on arrival, you will be required to take another COVID-19 test before visiting the parks.

If I test positive for COVID-19 in Rwanda, who pays for my treatment and can I be evacuated to my country?

Visitors who test positive for COVID-19 can either be evacuated in line with medical evacuation protocols or seek treatment at a designated treatment centre in Rwanda at their own cost.

Do I still need to undergo a SARS-CoV 2 Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test on arrival and quarantine for 72 hours if I already received my Covid 19 vaccination before travelling to Rwanda?

All arriving passengers must quarantine for 24hours at a designated hotel while waiting for the results at their own cost. A Covid-19 PCR test will be taken upon arrival and an additional mandatory PCR test performed on day 3 at own cost, from the arrival date, at a designated testing site (Camp Kigali or nearest Provincial or District Hospitals for those out of the City of Kigali).

While I am waiting for my COVID19 test results at a designated hotel, can I be visited by friends?

No. Guests waiting for their results at designated hotels are required to remain in isolation. They are welcome to use electronic devices while at the hotel but must respect the privacy of other guests at all times.

We are coming to Rwanda as a family, can we book one hotel room for the 24 hour waiting period?

Yes. Guests can book one hotel room suitable to accommodate a family travelling together.

Is the hotel rate within designated hotels for an individual guest or for a room? Can people share a room?

All visitors are advised to book individually. Only immediate family members can share a room for the duration of the waiting period.

In the event my COVID-19 results are delayed, what happens? Who pays the additional waiting nights/days and if I had a tourism booking, do I get a refund?

Each hotel will have a site manager who will advise on the results within the allotted time. The Rwanda Development Board reservations team (reservations@rdb.rw) can facilitate the rescheduling of booked permits in case of any issue related to the COVID-19 pandemic in line with the revised booking policy.

Will pre-arranged Meet and Greet services be available for guests? If yes, what conditions need to be fulfilled?

A Meet and Greet service is available for tourists who have pre-booked this option as part of a tour package. The service will be coordinated between the private tour operator and Akagera Aviation.

Can I consume alcohol while I am waiting in my hotel room for the test results?

Yes, visitors are welcome to consume alcohol within their hotel room at their own cost.

Can I continue to stay in the same hotel after receiving my test results?

The Government of Rwanda has negotiated special rates at the designated hotels for the waiting period. Should a guest wish to remain in the hotel after receiving a negative test result, they are welcome to extend their stay at the hotel’s regular rates; however, they will be assigned a new room.

What happens when one lands at Kigali International Airport during curfew hours (between 00:00 and 04:00)? Will the visitor be able to reach their hotel?

Yes, the vehicles authorised to transport visitors to their designated hotel have permission to move during the curfew hours.

Can family members or friends or a personal driver pick one up from the Airport?

No, only vehicles authorised to transport visitors to their designated hotel can pick up guests from the Airport.

If a passenger has lost their luggage, who will follow up to deliver it to the visitor’s hotel?

The RwandAir Lost and Found office at the Kigali International Airport will handle all cases related to lost luggage. Visitors or tour operators can contact the team at lostandfound@rwandair.com or on +250 788 308 814.

What are the safety and health measures in place at the Kigali International Airport?

To ensure the health and well-being of all passengers, a range of measures have been put in place, including:

  • Wearing of masks at all times for everyone
  • Readily available hand sanitisers
  • Physical distancing markings
  • Regular and thorough disinfecting of the airport and equipment

Kigali International Airport staff have been trained on Infection Prevention, and Control measures and comprehensive guidelines are in place to ensure safe operations. These measures are based on the Public Health Corridor approved by the International Civil Aviation Organization in collaboration with the International Air Transport Association and the World Health Organization.

Is it mandatory to take a COVID-19 test before departure from Rwanda?

All travellers departing from Rwanda must test negative for COVID-19. The only accepted test is a SARS-CoV 2 Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) performed within 72 hours before departure. Other tests, such as Rapid Diagnostics Test (RDTs), are not accepted. We encourage travellers to book and pay for their tests at least 2 days prior to departure through the online platform available on www.rbc.gov.rw.

Guests will be facilitated to take this final test in popular tourist locations including Musanze, Nyagatare, Nyamasheke, Rwamagana and Rubavu. Visitors can also be tested in Kigali at Amahoro Stadium “Petit Stade” in Remera and the Rwanda Biomedical Centre Gikondo Branch at the Office of Vaccination Programme on KK 6 Ave. The cost of the test is USD 60. More details and payment methods can be found here.

What time should I arrive at the airport for departure?

Passengers are advised to arrive at the Kigali International Airport at least three hours before their flight.

What happens if my departure flight takes off during the time of the curfew?

Passengers going to Kigali International Airport during curfew hours (between 00:00 and 04:00) are required to apply for a movement clearance pass via www.mc.gov.rw or dial *127# and follow the prompts. We encourage tourists to liaise with their tour operators to apply.

Where can I view a list of licensed tour operators and tour guides in Rwanda?

The full list of licensed tour operators and tour guides can be found here.